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When people think of Christian fashion, they often think of women with natural hair and long denim skirts.

But today, young Christians from various denominations are blasting that stereotype, showing up to worship in fashionable outfits, even while remaining modestly dressed.

Many denominations place some restrictions on the way their members dress - whether it's banning jewellery, ordering that arms be covered, or outlawing processed hair. However, even with these restrictions, some churchgoers still find a way to make a fashion statement.

Below, a few Christians share with Flair how they keep up with fashion trends while still following their church rules.

Garth Gilmore

I would refer to my style as 'classic'. I like putting different pieces together to see how they look. I am also inspired by certain looks that I see, and then add my own personal touch to it. I love fashion. I express who I am through what I wear. The responses I get when I dress for church or anywhere motivates me to always be on top of my game when it comes to what I choose to wear. I'm trendy, classy, yet conservative and appropriate.

Rahanna-Kaye Meikle

My personality inspires my style as it is an extension of who I am. When it comes to something as subjective as style, it's all about knowing who you are and expressing yourself. Everyone serves a different purpose in the church, and I believe that one of my purposes is inspiring, based on my mode of dress. When I was younger, I had a problem with the 'Christian way of dressing'. I just believed that they wanted us to dress old. Then I realised it was not so - you can still be a Christian and dress modern and classy. God created us to be set apart, so for me, I get up, dress up

and show up! I have a goal to tear down the traditional stereotypes around church and Christianity on a whole.

Carlington Campbell

My style is very much reflective of me. I define my style as more than just clothes. It's how I wear them coupled with whatever message I am communicating through them on a given occasion. It's an unspoken medium of conveying my personality, identity and feelings. Since the gathering of the brethren is very

celebratory in nature, and emblematic of meeting with God, it behoves one to be 'fresh and clean' on these occasions. At the same time, an exercise of moderation is required of a Christian. Church attendance should never be reduced to a red carpet or catwalk appearance.

Carl Michael-Angello Cunningham

Sometimes I throw pieces together and they come out fashionable. It's just about being bold, confident but not overbearing. It's also about being comfortable with who I am and embracing my personal style while still ensuring I am appropriately dressed.

First impressions most often come through sight. How you dress influences how you behave and the perception people have of you, whether they will take you seriously when you speak. I think dressing well is the first step to good manners and it's important to dress your best as a Christian.

Sashane McLean

Contrary to what is popularly believed, Christian women can dress modestly, yet fashionably. It all has to do with the way you perceive yourself and how you are seen through God's eyes - royal, precious, a jewel, a prize. As an Apostolic, I am motivated to dress the way I do by the many examples around me. I have to be an example to the young women in my assembly, my neighbourhood, my school - fashionable, yet modest.



My fashion inspiration comes mostly from my mood and for comfort. My style is classy, vibrant and colourful, but it always boils down to what feels comfortable.

Before I got saved, and was being used by the devil, I got dressed up and looked 'hot' for him. Now that I'm blood-washed, why should I not dress up and look hotter for Jesus? The Bible explicitly addresses modesty and instructs women to adorn themselves with modesty and self-control. Therefore, as an Apostolic, I avoid wearing tight skirts that are above my knees, sleeveless tops, low-cut tops, and jewellery.Read more at:long formal dresses