SAMAL Singh may not come from a fashion background but his love for clothes at a very young age prompted him to be a fashion designer and to focus on collections that bring together brotherhood bonding regardless of race, religion and sexuality.

Hence was the birth of his latest collection, Guilty, one of the local designs who hit the runway at the Fiji Fashion Week 10th anniversary a month ago at the Vodafone Arena in Suva.

According to Samal, this collection was new, attractive and unique which was apt for brothers from all walks of life.

"I am not from a fashion background. I'm the only from my family who ventured into the fashion industry," Samal said.

"I have always loved clothes from the very beginning. My dad wanted me to become a lawyer which I was not very passionate about.

"I have been with the fashion industry for the past seven years now and going into my eighth year.

"Through hard work and dedication, I am now an established fashion designer from being an emerging fashion designer for two years."

Delivering something different every year is what Samal loves the most.

He has been doing women's fashion wear for the past seven years and like any other designer, he wanted to experience something new so he thought of trying out the men's wear at this year's show.

With every effort and skills put together, Samal successfully came out with the Guilty collection and as he described the T-shirts and shirts he designed as selling like "hot cakes".

"I have had a couple of Guilty collections launched at photo shoots early this year as well as last month and they were gone like hot cakes.

"Brothers who bought the tees said it was really trendy, cool, appealing and bold to them.

"They also said they always wanted to go with fashion and wearing the Samal Singh collection was the best to be in that arena."

The established Fijian designer said the inspiration behind Guilty 2017 was the latest cuts, colours, zips and manliness and no guy would want to miss this collection adding the wow factor in his collection would be the cuts, colours and the entire style of menswear.

The Guilty collection, according to Samal, is classy, elegant and trendy and the designs are current and are sure to make anyone feel comfortable, attractive and fashionable.

"In today's times, we are all striving to move ahead and what better way to shine your confidence then to wear Guilty."

Samal has also scooped the Most Promising Designer of the year award and travelled to Melbourne for his internship.

Having that fashion passion from an early age, Samal believes will help him have a good sense to produce designs based on a combination of factors, including the latest trends.

"I have the love for fabrics and to style people.

" Whatever you wear, see that it complements your body and complexion. It all comes down to how you wear it and carry it no matter what brand you choose to wear. And above all carry it with confidence," Samal added.Read more at:princess formal dresses | red formal dresses