This summer, the variety of weather climates urges you to have a variety of clothes in your closet. (Photo:

This summer, the variety of weather climates urges you to have a variety of clothes in your closet. One thing is for sure, your fabric choices are key. For days on the beach and boardwalks, the look is sporty, loose-fitting and flowing. From all over the world, designers show shorter styles and strappy sandals that seem just right for day or night. Overall, the looks are soft, shiny, elegant—and leggier.

Bec & Bridge are Becky Cooper and Bridget Yorston, two designers from Australia who strike a fine balance between aspirational and achievable fashion. The duo have worked on the label since 2003. At the heart of every collection, you can see the team’s strong design aesthetic. Their lines are contoured and sleek, creating a distinct signature style. From the looks of every stitch and seam, their collection shows a contemporary and progressive edge.

On a sportswear note, P.E. Nation displays sporty chic and an activewear concept. Talk about multitasking, these designers create clothes for young women to dress in every day. P.E. the brand encapsulates the tomboy attitude on Pip Edwards, a cofounder with Claire Tregoning. Nation is a nostalgic nod to physical education. With their energy-enhancing collection, they focus on street styles for confident women who are looking for clothes that feature functionality, comfortable fabrics and easy fit. The line is designed for the multifaceted woman who leads a busy life.

Inder Dhillon, another Australian designer, works on effortless looks. Her clients embody a state of understated sophistication with an urban edge. The clothes are refined in finish and detail, yet they are relaxed in styles with a sense of easiness in their draped silhouettes.

With a passion for creating accessible luxury, this designer took advantage of her wide business background and experience to secure her world-class manufacturing facilities. Her clothes are created in cellulosic fibers with exceptional finishes. Her clothes are made to last.Read more at:evening dresses online