Rita Ora (Photo:sexy formal dresses)

Rita Ora is famous for hits like Body On Me and Young, Single and Sexy - but she's not as confident as she seems.

Now she's doing all she can to reassure viewers of the relaunched America's Next Top Model, which she hosts, that women come in all shapes and sizes - and that's just fine.

"Am I body confident? No," the Coming Home hitmaker, 26, tells Women's Health UK. "Have I always felt that way, no. I didn't feel great about myself today in fact.

"I've never looked at myself as being the perfect size or having the perfect body. As females, there's always something we don't like about our bodies. It's a normal thing."

She even went so far as to ask her new show's bosses if she could recruit a fellow judge known for having a normal-sized body.

"That's why I asked a plus-sized model, Ashley Graham, to be a judge on ANTM (America's Next Top Model) with me - because people need to see these norms on the TV and in the media."

Ora is also all about using girl power to benefit everyone.

"The more you stick together, the more you create power. It's so important for me. It breaks my heart to think that some people don't leave the house because of how they look."

When she is having one of her less confident days, Rita tries to think of her young impressionable fans.

"I remember that I'm not just doing this for myself and that there are 10.8 million people following me on my Instagram so I just have to suck it up and not be selfish on days where you feel like you just want to stay in or something."

She explains that she takes being a role model very seriously.

"I appreciate and admire doing it. No matter how corny it sounds I really do."

And when she's having a day when she's not feeling good and just wants to stay inside, she has a few tried and tested strategies for feeling better about herself: "I love Barrecore and I love Pilates but have to trick myself into most exercise. Dancing and hiking with my friends are things that I do a lot."Read more at:formal dress shops sydney