hough her surname is synonymous to music royalty and she’s an Instagram celebrity in her own right, Kiana Valenciano is known to shy away from the spotlight, preferring to quietly do her own thing. So when she does something high profile, you know she’s really passionate about it—and by “it,” we mean fashion.

“Since I was a kid, I really wasn’t into the showbiz scene. I love music—I write, I sing, I record with my dad (oh, you know, Gary V), but when I decided to go into fashion, my parents weren’t surprised, because I was into it since childhood,” reveals Kiana.

She would often find herself sketching fashion silhouettes in class, so while on a leave of absence from a Liberal Arts course at De La Salle University, she decided to spread her wings and take fashion classes at SoFA Design Institute. Kiana recalls, “Once I was there, wala na, I fell in love. I really had to beg my parents to let me transfer, and buti na lang, they were supportive.”

After pursuing a fashion design course at the Raffles Design Institute Manila, followed by short courses at the famed Central Saint Martins in London, Kiana is finally making her debut in the fashion industry as style curator and creative director of the Little White Box pop-up shop at Mega Fashion Hall. The Little White Box features a special collection of the Italian “It bag” Save My Bag, which will only be available for a limited time.

If you’re unfamiliar with Save My Bag, you might recognize it as the line of ultra-lightweight, rain-proof, hi-tech Poly Lycra bags originally created by husband and wife team Stefano and Valentina Agazzi, to keep designer bags safe from the elements. But somewhere along the way, customers started using the bags on their own, and thus, Save My Bag gained an avid following across the world.

Kiana herself owns five styles, and counting. “I’m building my collection! My favorite is the Mini Icon—it’s deceivingly small, you wouldn’t believe how much stuff actually fits in there.” Kiana also loves the fact that the bags are ultra-lightweight yet durable, and match her cool, laidback chic style sensibilities.

Apparently, the local Save My Bag team thought so, too, and tapped her to head their special pop-up shop project. “When they asked me if I wanted to join the team, I said, ‘Yes, definitely!’” Kiana enthuses. “As creative director, I have the last say in terms of all the creative decisions. I’m really OC about how the pop-up store is designed, how they style the bags at the store.”

Joining Kiana’s team is Daryl Feril, an internationally acclaimed illustrator, who has worked with top global brands and design studios (including LVMH and Tory Burch). For this collection, Daryl turned the bags into his very own canvas, with each bag featuring a one-of-a-kind design—literally, wearable art. Customers can also purchase a plain Save My Bag and for a minimal additional fee, request for a bespoke design by Daryl. “You can tell Daryl what design you want—like for example, someone requested for a tree to be painted on her bag—and he’ll do it his way, in his style,” says Kiana. Simply coordinate through the sales staff at the pop-up shop, and the bespoke bag should be ready in about three days.

“We really wanted to make sure that it’s sold differently, compared to how it’s sold around the world. Save My Bag is a big thing now—it’s big in Singapore, Milan, New York—right now we’re the only ones who have bespoke pieces, art on the bag. I think it’s nice that we can do that and be proudly Filipino,” Kiana adds.

The fun and unique concept of The Little White Box Pop-Up is the perfect first foray into fashion for Kiana. “This is a good way for me to learn and see what happens behind the scenes,” she attests. She also dreams of designing pieces for Save My Bag, as well as eventually starting her own line. “Right now, I only design for myself—I’m so shy. I’m into streetwear and ready-to-wear pieces. I want to work on my own line, maybe capsule collections. That’s one of the goals for the year when this is done. I just don’t want to do too many things at once.” And knowing how she’s “super OC” about everything she does, we know it will be fab—all in good time.Read more at:celebrity dresses | marieaustralia.com