Zendaya (Photo:http://www.marieaustralia.com)

Zendaya wants everyone to feel like they can wear her clothing designs.

The Spider-Man: Homecoming actress isn’t just talented in front of the screen; she boasts her own fashion label, DAYA by Zendaya, too. With sizes ranging from a U.S. 0 up to a 22, Zendaya is keen for people of all shapes and sizes to rock her pieces and feel confident.

"I don't think that people shouldn't feel like they can't get their size, because what's the point of making clothes if you can't get them?" she told AOL. "I want to make clothes that look flattering on my older sister who is a lot thicker than I am - I think she should be just as fly."

She’s also stressed the importance of not labelling any of her garments for men or women, as she hopes by avoiding a target audience she can encourage everyone to try out her gear. One piece set to hit the market soon is an orange silk dress with spaghetti straps, which she wore to the recent Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards 2017.

"Wear whatever you want," Zendaya added. "I'm just going to make (the clothes) and you just decide what you feel comfortable in - that's what you should be in."

On top of clothes, the 20-year-old offers a footwear line, and her creations have proved so popular that the brand scooped the Shoe of the Year Award at 2016’s annual Footwear News Achievement Awards. Her stylist Law Roach has helped her with the venture, alongside licensee Titan Industries, which was a reboot of her former Sole of Daya brand.

“It’s the same aesthetic and quality; we just wanted to make it more affordable, especially for my fans,” she previously told Footwear News. “For my demographic, I’m catering to real women who work, are getting their first jobs or are in college. I want them to have shoes that make sense for them.”Read more at:cocktail dresses