Some fashion designers are inspired by nature, architecture, or fabric. But when Metairie's Arielle Arnold created her collection, the muse was intensely personal.

"My inspiration for my collection was about the recent passing of my father and my interpretation of the pain he experienced in his passing and my incredible pain in losing him; ultimately, this was my way of making beauty out of this tremendous pain and loss."

Arnold's father suffered a hip injury and never fully recovered, leaving Arnold shocked, confused and heartbroken. But she powered on with school. She is a recent graduate of the prestigious Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) who recently got the opportunity to present her fashion designs on the runway.

"The SCAD fashion design program is a highly competitive program, especially during senior year," Arnold said. Arnold was selected to present her collection during this year's inaugural SCAD FASHWKND, which spanned four days of original designs curated from the finest SCAD School of Fashion senior and graduate student collections in Savannah and Atlanta.

The show consisted of 43 selected students who showcased up to three looks each.

"My classmates and I participated in multiple critiques with our professors and the Dean of the School of Fashion to narrow down and select the group of students to be juried by a panel of industry professionals. Ultimately, seniors created six looks to complete their collection. For the jury panel, that collection was narrowed down to the best four looks, consisting of numerous garments to present to the jury members. Once selected, each student presented the story of their collection, the garments, and the look book to their jury members and then later that night all jury members watch the garments walk down the runway and they vote on the designers."

SCAD touts this show "as the most anticipated sartorial event of the year." The SCAD FASHWKND consisted of a runway show at the award-winning SCAD Museum of Art, Alex Townsend Memorial Courtyard, as well as the first SCAD Atlanta Fashion Showcase at SCAD in Atlanta.

Each year, graduating SCAD School of Fashion students in Atlanta, Hong Kong and Savannah are given the opportunity to have their work expertly critiqued by fashion industry leaders, and the university's Style Lab mentor program connects them directly with established designers as they complete their final collections.

This year's Style Lab mentors included Francisco Costa, former Calvin Klein womenswear creative director; SCAD alumnus Marv Graff (M.F.A., fibers, 2016), an avant-garde fashion designer; David Ruperto, senior director of Ralph Lauren footwear; and SCAD alumna Emily Smith (B.F.A., fashion, 2001), Lafayette 148 New York creative director.

"To be chosen for the show was something very special to me," Arnold said. "Having my story out there and having people react so positively makes all the pain worth something. I feel I brought my father to life in this collection, and seeing it walk with the music blaring in the background, my family in the crowd and the wind filling the garments was an indescribable feeling. I couldn't stop smiling for hours."

The St. Mary's Dominican High School graduate describes her line as heavy.

"Death is nothing short of heavy and in creating this collection, all fabrics and silhouettes were heavy and cumbersome," she said. "I wanted my collection to be visually heavy for the viewer and physically heavy for the wearer. My collaborator, Tayler Ayers, used house paint to paint phrases and words that my father said to me in the brief moments of clarity he experienced. Contrarily, these visually aggressive garments showed beauty and clarity with various clusters of hand beading with Swarovski crystals and hand embroidery by my second collaborator, Aoife Estes."

"On various garments, Aoife attached hand embroidered portraits of my father and larger patches of textural elements made with various different yarns, ranging from mink, thick roving wool, to alpaca wool woven with reflective strips. Conclusively, she embroidered the title of my collection onto the back of one of my pieces," Arnold said.

Following graduation, Arnold plans to move to New York City and work with the ready-to-wear department at Marc Jacobs International.

"I'll be moving to the city with my sister, Alexandra, who also works at Marc Jacobs as a photo assistant," Arnold said. "She is also a SCAD alumna who graduated with a degree in fashion photography. Lucky for me, she obliged in collaborating with me to shoot my look book in Chinatown in New York."Read more at:princess formal dresses | white formal dresses