Kate Hudson (Photo:white formal dresses)

Actress Kate Hudson is "learning to love" the Birkenstock sandals she once insisted were not "sexy".

The Almost Famous star has made it known over the years that she is not a fan of the look of the popular footwear, but the mother-of-two has since revealed she recently invested in her own pair of the famous double-strap shoes and is trying them on for size.

Kate took to Snapchat to make her fashion confession, insisting she is trying her best to embrace comfort over style - although it is taking some getting used to.

In a series of posts, she showed off what her feet look like in the chunky sandals, and captioned one image, "Learning to love," while another read, "Be patient with me".

However, Kate apparently couldn't bear to wear the shoes for long, and soon slipped into a pair of red Dolce & Gabbana flats, before joking about going crazy.

"Oh thank goodness Dolce saved me....," she quipped. "Almost lost it."

Kate is a regular on red carpets and is known for her fashionable wardrobe, and in 2014, she admitted she just couldn't "wrap her head around Birkenstocks".

"I get it at home, they're super comfortable, but for me personally, I like when things are sexy," she explained to PeopleStyle. "I don't see sexy in Birkenstocks. I just don't like the way the foot looks in the shoes. They cover the most sexy part of the foot, cut off your toes, cut off your arches. I'd rather wear flip flops."Read more at:red formal dresses