There is a paradigm shift in buying behaviour globally which has witnessed the emergence of children as an independent, informed and self-conscious buyer group.

Keeping these facts in mind, Junior’s Fashion Week professionally engages the direct consumer group with its associated brand by its bespoke and innovative branding activities.

JFW has worked so far in Mumbai, Bengaluru and Kolkata, and is next scheduled to be held in Chennai city in the month of July. JFW accentuates brands’ latest collection through runway showcases, exclusive brand windows and its presence in the global mass media.

Junior’s Fashion Week has created a niche by catering solely to the children’s fashion industry. Junior’s Fashion Week has worked with children’s fashion brands like USPA Kids, Scullers Kids, Max Fashions, Manyavar, Biba Girls. It has established itself as an essential platform to emerge as an influential trend setter in the kids’ fashion and lifestyle industry.

Over the last decade, the children’s wear sector has grown exponentially and global fashion brands as a significant extension to their brand have curated a separate line for children. The market for children apparel accounts for Rs.75000 crores with a CAGR of 15% globally. The fashion industry globally has modified to make children a prime area for growth as people’s attitude adapts and society becomes more child-centric.

Junior’s Fashion Week brings forth the latest collection of children’s wear brands through their own prime target audience.

Junior’s Fashion Week, recently collaborated with Airtel for activation and had a series of fresh, guerilla and innovative activities for their target audience of their event. This was an unconventional but a new take of bringing together unrelated sectors of the economy together as the fashion industry collaborates and opens doors for networking seamlessly with other sectors in fashionable way.Read more at:mermaid formal dresses | red formal dresses