Henry Cavill (Photo:plus size evening wear)

Henry Cavill isn't interested in movies that would require him to lose a drastic amount of weight.

The 33-year-old British actor wowed fans with his buff physique when he played Superman in 2013 movie Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice earlier this year (16).

But when it comes to choosing future roles, Henry has no desire to take on a part that would require a huge amount of weight loss.

"Unless the script was very good, I would say no," he told Men's Fitness magazine. "If it were something I really cared about and I really wanted to have, like, an effect on an audience because it's subject matter that's very, very important to me, and I wanted to get it out there, then yeah, I could see myself doing it. Otherwise, no."

Slimming down is nothing new for many actors and actresses in Hollywood. Christian Bale shed 60lbs (27.2kg) for The Machinist in 2004, while Matthew McConaughey dropped 42lbs (19kg) for his Oscar-winning role in Dallas Buyers Club. However, Tom Hanks warned about the dangers of such drastic transformations for film roles, suggesting that his slimming down for movies like Philadelphia and Castaway may have had something to do with his Diabetes diagnosis.

Henry also disagrees with the link between an actor's ability to lose weight for a role and his success in that part.

"I'm not going to be like, 'Hey, I'm going to do a big fat-man role or a really skinny role because that's what all the big actors do these days!'" he continued. "I'm not going to choose work to make people go, 'Oh, wow, he can really act because he can lose lots of weight!'"Read more at:formal dresses canberra