Hayley Williams (Photo:formal dresses online australia)

Paramore singer Hayley Williams used to think looking like a girl would stop people taking her seriously.

The 27-year-old star has mixed up her appearance over the years, sporting various vivid shades in her hair and a variety of bold outfits. Having grown up surrounding by guys it took Hayley some time to embrace her femininity, as she admits she was wary of it affecting how other people perceived her.

"I would wear the same shirts as the guys would wear, or the same style shoes... I was uncomfortable with the notion of sticking out," she recalled to Rock Sound magazine of her early days in Paramore alongside former bandmates Josh and Zac Farro, Jeremy Davis and Jason Bynum. "I felt as though any attempt to look like a girl would result in people not taking me seriously, and it was such a flawed and warped perspective - really bad practice for a young person."

After being quizzed by lead guitarist Josh about why she ditched the flamboyant clothes she used to wear when she was younger, Hayley realised she needed to be more "expressive" with her looks. By the time Paramore's album Riot! came out in 2007 the star was rocking three colours in her hair and "crazy make-up", which led to fans following suit.

"When I started seeing girls at shows who had dyed their hair and stuff like that, it meant an awful lot to me," she smiled. "It made me feel so much better about just being me, and not worrying whether or not anybody would take me seriously for looking like myself."

Hayley's love of eye-catching locks led her to launch her own range of hair colours this year (16), called Good Dye Young. One particularly bright range shade is called Riot!, seemingly named after the style she had during the album's release.Read more at:evening dresses online