Gwyneth Paltrow goop (Photo:formal dress)

Gwyneth Paltrow just put her foot in her mouth…again.

The actress and entrepreneur was caught calling the kettle black in a recent interview withFast Company, in which she complains about the high price of clothing.

“I find, as a consumer, that the price points of some of my favorite designer clothing is so exorbitantly expensive,” Paltrow said. “I wanted to know if there was a way with the direct-to-consumer model. To create an incredible product that is slightly more aspirational, but pass on the savings to the consumer.”

Umm…what savings is she referring to exactly? Because goop is not known for affordable fashion. The lifestyle website sells various brands, including Valentino, Stella McCartney, Tory Burch and La Perla, all of which are way out of the average shopper’s price range. Her website touts one pink silk pussy-bow blouse by Valentino for a whopping $1,350. And it’s sheer! So she’s asking shoppers to break the bank for what is basically an incomplete shirt.

If you were thinking, yeah but maybe her Goop label items are more affordable, we have bad news. The prices on her recently launched line of basics are barely more realistic. One item in the Goop label collection is a $1200 cashmere coat. Yeah, not exactly what we’d call saving.

We had finally accepted Paltrow for who she is, a totally unrealistic woman with a totally unrealistic lifestyle that we all dream of having. But, she has to own who she is. News flash, lady, spending more than $21,000 a month on your beauty regimen and then recommending those products to followers does an affordable brand make.Read more at:evening dresses australia