Get smooth legs for longer this winter (Photo:evening gowns)

Shaving your legs during the summer often becomes as second nature as washing your hair. But the winter months frequently see us hide our stubble beneath opaque tights, hoping it's a case of out of sight, out of mind. What if you could make your leg shave last longer though? There are a host of products on the market these days which boast the ability to keep your legs smoother for longer, and we run through our favourite here.

Close shave

The first thing is to make sure you use a decent razor. If you shave your legs with a rusty razor, you aren't going to get good results and could end up giving yourself countless shaving cuts. Give Wilkinson Sword's Hydro Silk a try - this razor boasts an innovative Water-Activated Moisturising Serum and five Curve-Sensing blades to ensure you get the closest shave possibly for enviably smooth legs.

Dream cream

Then it's about choosing a good shaving cream or foam, to enable the razor to work its magic. Friction Free Shaving's shave cream is one of the most revolutionary products out there, with a unique 'cationic' formula that soften hairs and reduces friction, to help protect against skin irritation. It's also designed specifically for women, so ladies, stop borrowing your boyfriend's shaving foam! "We've been operating for a year now, and in that time one of the questions we keep hearing from our members is what's the best product to use to shave your legs?" Briar Keen, director of Friction Free Shaving, told Cover Media. "We looked into this and found that most women shave with soap or conditioner and we felt they deserved better. So we've created a shave cream specifically for women, with gentle ingredients that protect and moisturise to create longer-lasting results."

Soft & Gentle's 2 in 1 Shower and Shave Mousse is also a good option, thanks to the fact it cleans, moisturises and helps with hair removal. Its perfectly pH balanced formula also means it's suitable for use anywhere on the body, so is perfect if you want to trim your bikini line as well.

Finishing touch

There are a huge range of moisturisers available that can help inhibit hair growth, with Shaveworks' Pearl Luxe Hydrating Body Lotion top of our wish list.

It's the perfect body lotion for winter as it deeply hydrates the skin while also containing capislow, to reduce hair growth. Infused with allantoin and aloe vera, this lightweight yet nourishing lotion soothes, calms and restores long-lasting comfort, whilst bisabolol provides anti-inflammatory properties to heal skin irritated by hair removal.

The Skin Doctors Inhibitor Spray is another favourite of ours. Just apply two to four times a week and let the actives renowned for helping slow down the growth of hair work their magic!Read more at:plus size formal dresses