Now those pre-teen girls have grown up, and are the perfect demographic for her new makeup range, Love, Peace and Happiness with beauty brand Young & Gifted.

Danielle was approached in 2014 by perfume distributor Per-Scent, and asked if she was interested in creating a fragrance and piece of make-up. The initial idea was just one of each, but it soon turned into a collection.

“I am quite a girly girl, I‘ve always been interested in make-up and beauty,” she smiled to Cover Media. “I have my own fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog, I’m a dancer so I’m used to getting myself done up and going out on stage and kind of pouting that extra effort into taking time on eye shadows and things like that. To be able to create my own line… it’s any girls dream.”

Danielle had initially thought the collection would be released in three separate stages during the course of 2016, but Per-Scent had other ideas and decided to unleash the three eau de parfum and three eyeshadow palettes in one go.

“I think the palette that I wear the most is Peace, with all the browns,” Danielle shared. “It’s very good for day and you can build it up for night as well. I like even just a tiny little bit of colour on my eyelids, and it’s got very natural browns.

“I can’t pick my favourite fragrance! I switch depending on my mood.”

Danielle reveals the range is already going down well with the Directioners, and she’s looking forward to more work within the beauty world.See more at:formal dresses 2015 |