Designs on future success (Photo:green formal dresses)

Natalie Rolt, Alexandra King and Stephanie Caulier, who runs label I Love Mr Mittens, are all up for the gong, which will be announced at the awards ceremony at the State Theatre Centre this evening.

Caulier has been operating for four years and Rolt has had her eponymous label for three years, while King only launched hers last year.

They all agree taking home the award would do wonders to raise the profile of their young brands.

“To be appreciated for what we work so hard to achieve, it would mean a lot,” Rolt toldAAA .

“It’s validating for the heart, knowing your work is liked.”

King added: “It would offer a step up and more opportunities would hopefully come from it.”

The women said balancing the creative and business sides of their labels was the biggest challenge that faced emerging designers, with juggling finances proving a steep learning curve.

But they have all found how fast their brands could grow by harnessing social media to drive their products.

“Social media is a massive part of today’s lifestyle,” Rolt said.

“But also marketing to your specific target market is important. That brings in more like-minded people.”

Regardless of whether they win tonight, all three designers have big plans on the horizon.

King is moving towards launching an online store, while Rolt will showcase her wares overseas by the end of the year.

And Caulier also shows no signs of slowing down, despite being pregnant with her first child.

“I am setting up in Europe this year to provide a better service to the Northern Hemisphere customers,” she said.

“I have grown from five to 75 stores in a year and we will add more as we go. We have a lot of Japanese customers so that is a good market to be in too.”Read more at:purple formal dresses