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He dropped the bombshell just minutes after they came off stage during Saturday night’s Britain’s Got Talent final — almost two years to the day since they won the show.

I’m told he made the decision to leave the chart-topping band after being phased out by fellow members JAMIE LAMBERT, MICHAEL AUGER, MATT PAGAN and THOMAS J REDGRAVE.

A source close to Richard revealed: “He has been unhappy for a long time and as soon as they ended their performance on Saturday he told them he’s leaving.

“It has not been easy for him. Everyone working with the group could see that some of the boys really made his life difficult.

“They were furious when producers would ask Richard to record lead vocals instead of them.

“And they were jealous when naked pictures of Richard that appeared in Attitude magazine got all the attention from their fans.”

Collabro, who are signed to SIMON COWELL’s Syco label, have had incredible success since winning BGT in 2014, scoring a No1 album and touring the world.

I have backed the band since day one and hope they will still carry on as a four-piece.

Last night a source close to the group hit back, claiming Richard was his own worst enemy.

The band insider said: “There were differing creative views in the group — four have one view and Richard has another.

“Richard is not a team player like the others.

“Collabro have had an incredible two years and are not going to give up now.”

According to Richard’s pals, relations became so strained that the rest of the boys avoided sitting with him, ordered him to speak less in interviews and told him to sing and move less on stage. They also revealed how the group abandoned him in Japan during a recent tour.

A source close to Richard explained: “Richard had left his passport in the group luggage but they left for the airport without telling him. By the time he got there the case was in the hold.

“He had to stay in Japan for an extra four days before he could get an emergency passport.

“Richard felt so hurt and didn’t understand why they had just left him like that.”

The final straw came when Richard uploaded a video of himself singing solo swing covers at London jazz club Ronnie Scott’s.

The group issued him with a formal letter and ultimatum.

A pal of Richard added: “The boys were furious, accusing Richard of jeopardising Collabro’s future.

“They sent him a letter stating that if he did not comply with their demands within 25 hours they would remove him from the band. He was crushed.

“He ignored it and when he saw the boys a couple of days later at rehearsals not one of them looked him in the eye.

“The email was the final nail in the coffin. He decided he couldn’t carry on.”

It’s a shame for Collabro that Richard’s time has ended so sourly.

But saying that, you can’t beat a good old pop feud.Read more at:formal dress shops brisbane