"QUALITY is everything, if it's got my name on it, it needs to be quality,” Founder and designer of Meleika Designs, Karen Solomon said.

Meleika Designs, run by local Karen Solomon, is a devoted to crafting quality handmade leather footwear, bags and accessories.

"I've been in retail for so many years that I already had a retail background and I realised that people go to point where they didn't want conventional and mainstream any longer or the commercial experience,” she said.

"They wanted unique, a different way to shop, they wanted to have an individual style.

"One of my friends is a fashion designer and I was helping her at the markets all the time and while I was doing that I'd say to her 'where's all the accessories, bags and shoes that go with ladies fashions?' there's plenty of clothes but where's everything to go with ladies fashion?

"She said there isn't, but you should start it, because there's a massive market there open.”

After deciding to go into business, Karen has been researching and designing, following markets up and down the coast.

"It's a freedom style, I love the 60's and 70's era and this is a modern way of bringing it back,” she said.

Since opening exclusively at RiverFeast, with repeat customers Karen said "it has continued to grow from strength to strength,”Read more at:marieaustralia.com | evening dresses