Keira Doyle arrives for her wedding at The Church of The Assumption, Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny. Pic: Colin O'Riordan. Inset: Irish designer Eamonn McGill. (Photo:formal dresses perth)

Bernard Brogan's wedding to Keira Doyle on Friday was one of the biggest celebrity weddings in Ireland last year. From the faux fur that the blushing bride wore, to Bernard's Dublin teammates coming out in force for the big day, the Brogan-Doyle wedding didn't disappoint.

However, there was one detail of the day that stood out from other celebrity weddings we've seen - the bridesmaids wore jumpsuits instead of donning traditional gowns.

Young Irish couturier Eamonn McGill from Dundalk, who has created gowns for the Golden Globes and IFTAs, says that jumpsuits will soon be the norm for brides and bridesmaids alike.

"Personally I'm a huge supporter of the bridal jumpsuit," said Eamonn.

"I've always leaned towards jumpsuits whilst designing pieces, and have just recently designed a bridal jumpsuit for a client's next day wedding party."

Eamonn (25) said jumpsuits have plentiful advantages over dresses for the big day.

"Jumpsuits for bridesmaids are a great idea for many reasons," he said.

"You get the chance to actually wear the outfit again. The dreaded statement of, 'Sure you can wear your dress again,' rarely happens in reality. At least with a a jumpsuit, there's more of an opportunity to wear it again than you might with a baby pink, flowing chiffon gown."

"It's practical, which is important as bridesmaids have multiple duties to do for the bride on the day. I've been at so many weddings where the bridesmaids can't bend in their corseted, satin dresses."

"Not to mention, jumpsuits are chic. Floating down the aisle in a jumpsuit looks much more chic and modern than many dresses do."

Although Eamonn is a jumpsuit junkie, he said his opinion "changes slightly" when it comes to the teal jumpsuits Keira's three bridesmaids wore.

"Firstly, the bride looks stunning and I love the simple look she went for and the tones from her flowers matching her headpiece and fur, but unfortunately I'm not a fan of the bridesmaids."

"I give her serious props for choosing the more alternative jumpsuit look and the bridesmaids are beautiful women, but the colour teamed with the fur and the shoe just wasn't for me. I feel that it looked a bit to ready-to-wear, and therefore lost the specialness of a bridesmaid garment, even with the fur."

"Maybe if the bridesmaids' outfits were matched to the same colour as the champagne tones in the bride's accessories, the shoe was changed to a nude court heel, and had the pant been more fitted and paired with lighter shade fur, I feel it would of looked more overall cohesive."

"Overall, my conclusion is a resounding 'yes' to bridal jumpsuits, 'yes' to Keira choosing them for her bridesmaids, but 'no' to the colours chosen."Read more at:formal dresses canberra