Students who attended the African-Caribbean Association’s fashion show tasted several cultures both south of the Gulf of Mexico and across the Atlantic Ocean.

As part of International Week, The African-Caribbean Association (ACA) hosted their annual fashion show on April 12. This year’s theme was “Owambé,” meaning “it’s happening” or “right now.”

The event aims to promote and improve knowledge of African, Caribbean and South American culture and presence on campus.

By hosting this event, the ACA hoped that students who attended gained a better understanding of African-Caribbean culture.

There were two segments of the fashion show: Traditional and formal attire.

The event also had trivia along with dancing and singing by members of the International Student Association.

While students prepared for the next performance, Oluwagbotemi “Temi” Omojola told stories from his personal life.

One of the stories Temi focused on was how he entered the U.S. to attend ULM, and why he goes by Temi.

A TSA guard asked for Temi’s real name, and he said it to the guard several times.

“The guard sent me out of the line,” Temi said. “I was worried because I came so far only to be sent back home.” He then thought about how to make his name easier to pronounce.

Temi said, “I thought about the last four letters of my name, and I went up to the guard.

He asked me one last time, ‘Sir, what is your name?’ and I said, ‘Temi.’ The rest was history.”

Temi is the current president of the ACA and future president of the International Student Association.

About four years ago, the African-Caribbean Association began hosting fashion shows at ULM.

Onyinyechi “Nana” Mgbah came up with the idea as the association’s first president. According to Temi, Nana’s goal for the event was to bring students together.

Kelsey-Jo Sharpe and Michael Ifedi enjoyed the event and were glad it turned out well. Both are members of the association.

Sharpe is a sophomore speech-language pathology major from Jamaica. She said her favorite parts of the show were the food and the types of clothes featured.

Ifedi, a second-year pharmacy student, said the event was well-organized.

For next year’s event, the association wants to improve by working on participation and time management.Read more at:cheap formal dresses melbourne | formal dresses perth