According to trend forecaster Dion Chang, the look you should be after is geek chic. But haven't hipsters flown this fashion flag for the last 10 years? So what's the difference?

Here are five ways to tell a purveyor of geek chic from a hipster:


Go to any weekend market in your city and you'll find a stall selling sartorially savvy vintage wares originally dragged from some nameless back-alley shop on Albertina Sisulu Road in the Joburg CBD.

Hipsters believe in the value of vintage mostly because - authentic integrity aside - their artisanal food businesses don't make them rich enough to afford to buy anything new.

Although the geek chic look also relies on getting the quintessential high-school-blazer-inspired jacket, don't expect that jacket to be old or even second hand. "Inspired" new pieces are the way to go on this one - clean, new and fresh is best.


Every card-carrying hipster will wax lyrical about their love for mainstream indie filmmaker Wes Anderson, whose use of muted tones, 1970s hues and bold yellow lettering in Futura font has become a beacon to the millennial geek generation.

The difference between hipster and geek chic, though, is that while hipsters are obsessed with Anderson's movies, the geek chic-ers dress like they're in them. So grab that Margo & Me fake fur coat, add one of your granny's old frocks and profess your secret love for geekdom and your brother.


No matter which side of the hipster/geek chic fence you're on, you're likely to pretend you're blind for fashion. The right pair of frames for your face is sexy, but it's a lot sexier if you actually need them - prescription-free specs are just silly.

That said, hipsters have yet to give up their fake Ray-Ban Wayfarers. But if you want to properly glam up your fake myopia to fit in with the geek chic set, go with the embellished cat's-eye frames - the more librarian the look, the better.


Geek chic kids can't stop talking about the popular US comic series Archie again, thanks to the new TV show Riverdale.

Betty (played by Lili Reinhart) and Veronica (Camila Mendes) have updated wardrobes that are all over international fashion blogs, suggesting that powder- blue sweaters coupled with pearl chokers (Veronica) and sporty crop tops with gym pants (Betty) will soon be in stores near you.

Hipsters, on the other hand, will emulate the charming style of the original truant, bathroom-smoking "it girl" Audrey Horne (Sherilyn Fenn) from Twin Peaks, since the series is making a comeback. It remains to be seen whether they'll reprise the tartan skirts and oversized Christmas sweaters from the show too.


The Prada and Gucci ramps have run away with the geek chic trend, but you can look just as much of an authentic nerd (of the hipster or geek chic variety) in corduroy pants and a V-neck jersey from Mr Price as you can in one hot off the Prada catwalk.Read more at:black formal dresses | white formal dresses