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Sisterhood has a say

Le 16 novembre 2017, 10:56 dans Mode 0

The dead don’t just spook as is believed; they speak too. And their ‘hearts’ beat loudly, if only we care to hear. Sanchali Bhattacharya’s new fiction A Home for Urvashi (Harper Collins) is about the coexistence of the alive and not-so-living. An electrical engineer from Jadhavpur University, Kolkata, Sanchali Bhattacharya runs her own Engineering and Manufacturing company. She is also the author of Ashes & Roses.

Excerpts from an interview with Sanchali:

How and when did the idea for ‘A Home for Urvashi’ germinate?

The book is a tribute to sisterhood. Life throws sisters apart. Physically they may be miles away, but they are forever in each other’s hearts. And a sister will never fail to stand by her sister in the hour of need. That is the beauty of sisterhood. Writing a novel on sisterhood was always on the cards.

The idea of twins — one dead and the other living — came to me suddenly. Questions on the afterlife have riddled me since childhood. My first brush with death was at age three, when our pet dog passed away. I was told he had become a star in the sky. I wanted him back. When I was five, my grandmother passed on. She, I was told, had gone to live in heaven. I missed her a lot. As the years went by, I wondered if they could come back. Was rebirth possible? I thought about the world of the dead. What happens when a person dies? Is there a heaven and a hell? Or is it complete silence? Or could there be something else? So I created a galaxy of souls. A place where the dead have a choice. They get a chance to control their destinies.

In portraying Ujjwala’s character are you trying to reflect the new age woman who just doesn’t seem to be able to take it easy?

Many new age women suffer from ‘hurry sickness’. Balancing work and life can create an environment of extreme stress, where she finds little time to relax. Even strong and intelligent women can wither without ‘me time’. In the domain of the living sister, I tried to show the endless vortex of life’s demands in which women professionals find themselves.

It is clear that Ujjwala is a beautiful woman. But you have steered clear of vivid description of her physical beauty. Was this a conscious effort to be different?

I wanted the reader to know that Ujjwala (that’s how Urvashi is addressed by her husband) is a beautiful woman. I used certain key words to show her beauty and chose to leave the rest to the reader’s imagination.

A constitution, a parliament and a penal code in the world of the dead... how does the binary and circuited mind of an electrical engineer think of the abstract?

When I wear my writer’s hat, I allow my mind to wander into a world where imaginative currents can flow freely. Also, I am fascinated by the metaphysical; by the possibility of mystical elements in a parallel plane. That is why the spirit of the dead sister holds the central position in my novel.

At the core of the story is a forbidden relationship — a taboo in any society. Explain why you chose this angle

In this novel, among various fantastic and unexpected things, a forbidden relationship also happens. I chose this angle because it’s rare and bold.

What next as an author? Show us glimpses of the road ahead.

I will begin work on my next novel soon. The idea is offbeat. I intend to have a male protagonist, who is remarkable and endearing.Read more at:formal dresses | formal dress shops sydney

Fashion Queen Deleisha Leaves Judges In Awe

Le 14 novembre 2017, 09:36 dans Mode 0

A YOUNG Jamaican-born mother has capped a bumper week which culminated in her being named as the second runner-up in the best independent category at the prestigious Midlands

Fashion Awards recently, in a field of nine nominees in a competitive category.

Earlier that week, Deleisha Swaby, 25, showcased her creations at her own Catwalk Show in her adopted city of Birmingham under her womenswear brand, Kashane Swaby.

She said: “I am so grateful for the positive attention that my brand has received to date and the icing on the cake was being awarded second runner up for the Independent Fashion Designer Of The Year award.

"This year marks the fourth time that I have been nominated for an award at the Midlands Fashion Awards, so to launch my brand and receive an award in the same week, I literally screamed for joy as I ran up to collect my certificate!”

This latest award comes just three years after Deleisha started her career in fashion design and several months after giving up her staff job as a care assistant to pursue her dreams and inspire her daughter, three- year-old Deniqua Forsythe.

“My greatest motivation and inspiration has to be my daughter. I am motivated by the need to set an example for her, by showing her that she can achieve anything that she puts her mind to.”

Deniqua was in attendance, among an impressive and receptive turnout at the Minerva Works, close to Birmingham city centre, as her mother officially launched her label. As well as showing off her impressive range of designs through a bevy of glamorous models, the launch featured an inspirational video diary that told of her journey from a tree- climbing, carefree toddler in Jamaica, to an older child dealing with the fallout from the trauma of being transplanted to the “concrete jungle and dark gloomy skies” of England.

"It also included a young woman at 22, trying to cope with motherhood and the end of her marriage to her “Prince Charming”.

Speaking after the launch, which was ably compered by first time host Minii, Deliesha said: “I also hope to inspire young people, and single mothers just like me, who have a dream. I would like to be an example of what hard work looks like, when it pays off. I hope to be successful in what I do to spark that light in someone else, so that they can also be bold enough to step out and follow their own dreams.”


Deleisha has been designing and sewing clothes from a very young age. She began to take her craft seriously while at College in 2010 and her designs are heavily influenced by the legendary designer Alexander McQueen.

“I am inspired by not only his superb craftsmanship, but also by his fearlessness. He did not think outside of the box, because for him there was a never a box. I would like to bring that same level of fearlessness and originality out in my own designs. More than anything I would love to achieve my childhood dream of owning a boutique stocked full of my garments.”Read more at:formal dresses brisbane | formal dresses

Goddesses Are Emerging Female Archetypes in Fashion

Le 10 novembre 2017, 04:57 dans Mode 0

As the social message of women’s empowerment continues to gain ground, goddess-like strength and traits are turning up in fashion.

Goddesses of all different heritages and persuasions were the focus of Li Edelkoort’s spring 2019 presentation for Trend Union at The New School in New York. The way she sees it, they are at the root of the emerging female fashionarchetype for the industry with individuals determining their own goddess based on individual tastes. Predicting a revolution sparked partially from draping, folding and cuts, Edelkort expects normcore and streetwear basics to dissolve. That shift calls for “designers, not influencers,” she said.

With a myriad of colorful images that drew from art history, fashion, portraiture and nature, the trend forecaster offered a crash course in goddesses. Students and industry types learned of Aphrodite, Demeter, Hestia, Gaia, Flora & Fauna, Nike and others. Edelkoort also pointed to the increasing importance of the sack dress, regal colors and majestic fabrics. She also spoke of “this child woman” who is very dominant in society, accumulating jobs as if she is accumulating pairs of shoes. “She lives her life like a ribbon, like a bracelet — there is not a clear direction. She is just toying with life. It is only in life that she gets more stable,” Edelkoort said.

Describing the feline archetype and hints of that in fashion, Edelkoort noted how cats have very lean and very pliable bodies like a dancer’s body, and a dignity that you can observe from afar…” Attendees also learned that Diane von Furstenberg, whom Edelkoort considers to be a feline archetype in the way that she sits and moves, was in the front row. The designer did not sound convinced. “Oh my God, I don’t even like cats. Am I? I don’t know,” she said. “I actually like to be the warrior. I’ve been that before.”

Trend Union will hold another seminar on this topic in New York on January 25 and a men’s-oriented event on contemporary gods on Dec. 5 in Stockholm.

In New York this week, Edelkoort also cautioned the crowd, “This is very important. If you have children, try to not let them change their noses. Look at how beautiful it is to actually have a nose and how important it is also to have nose in the sense of how we are, how we perform and how we will be. Let’s have a nose for direction.”Read more at:formal dresses online | evening dresses

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